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Are you ready to play for a real team?  Come on down 95 and be a Redskin!

Following the news of  Superstar Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson being released from the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday, he's now meeting with the Washington Redskins next week.  Rookie Head Coach Jay Gruden will have one leg up on the season with the addition of this Pro Bowl Kick Return Specialist and Wide Receiver.  Jackson has a pile of interested teams to include but not limited to the Chiefs and Buccaneers.  He will likely sign with the Redskins due to the distance of Landover, MD is to Philidelphia, PA and the explosive playmaker in Robert Griffin III.


1.  First Player to be selected for the Pro Bowl in two different positions.

2.  First Rookie to start for Andy Reid due to some key injuries.

3.  First game that was decided on a Punt Return final play during the "Miracle at the New Meadowlands" game.

4.  First player that will bring the RG3 Lead Redskins to the NFL Super Bowl!  You heard it here first!!!

DeSean currently has 131 Punt Return attempts for a total of 1,294 yards with 4 touchdowns.  His equally brilliant receiving career is also impressive with 356 catches for 6,117 yards scoring 32 Touchdowns.  In addition to these stats, Jackson has rushed 57 times for 373 yards and 3 touchdowns in his only 6 short seasons with 3 Pro Bowl selections.  The Washington Redskins will have all the fire power necessary to win with Pierre Garcon, Santana Moss and DeSean Jackson catching the ball and with Alfred Morris and Roy Helu Jr. running the ball.  Let's get pumped up for the 2014 Season!!!  :)  #HTTR - Ron Robey #mrronrobey


The first Pepsi Max / Jeff Gordon video commercial was nothing short of being hilarious being a previous car salesman.  Can you imagine having someone who appears to not even be able to drive in a parking lot to all of a sudden unleashing hell on a Chevy?  That was an awesome video to bring NASCAR into a real life situation.  The gentleman sure looked like he was scared as hell and probably would have been even if he knew it was Jeff Gordon.  :)

The second Pepsi Max / Jeff Gordon video commercial was just as brilliant if not more than the first.  A ex-convict taxi driver that's getting pulled over by the police.  :)  That was hilarious to say the least and showed some better planning on the crew.  The taxi kept the passenger in the back seat behind the glass and the police car was a great excuses to have a car following at high speed filming a different camera angle.  Awesome work on both of them but I would have to say that the second one is the best so far.

The real underlying problem is that NASCAR has went from being one of the most popular sports with a huge following to falling another position below NHL Hockey.  The Racetrack used to be sold out with waiting lists for years and then we've seen a steady decline in revenue and interest in the sport.  Post Dale Earnhardt, guys like Tony Stewart, Dale Jr, Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon need to think outside the box a little to make this sport popular again.  Great job to Pepsi Max and Outstanding work to Jeff Gordon for bringing some interest to the sport and himself.  :)

-Ron Robey


Son of God
Son of God movie release was rather personal on the 1st day of March with plenty of empty seats here in Fredericksburg Virginia at the 1pm showing.  There's been quite the hype built up in the film after the Passion of the Christ previously crushed the charts.  3 of the 6 movie previews were a God based movie that's coming out soon.  How awesome is God to be trending in our quick to judge culture and on the largest stage in the world.  The film industry is Americas number one export and Cieon Films has put God at the center of it all.
Son of God with Ron Robey

I have to say that Son of God was more in depth than the Passion of the Christ.  Jesus (played by Diogo Morgado) was timeless as Christopher Spencer (Son of God Director) painted a brilliant picture that's easy to understand.  I can only imagine the number of people who will watch this movie and either make a new decision for Jesus and become saved.  What a great tool for us to have a better understanding of the Bible story and it's characters.  Much like the Passion of the Christ, Son of God left the theater, bathroom and lobby with a dead silent crowd as Ceelo closed the movie out with "Mary did you know."

What do you do when you're on fire for God after the movie and what are the next steps?  Find joy in the songs that I've hyper-linked in and check out to watch live or On Demand.  Elevate Life Church in Frisco, TX breeds leaders and will teach you what to look for in a home church if it's not yours already.  Pastor Keith Craft is one of the most amazing "Mighty Men" Man of God that hungers for the Son of God Jesus.  You can also enjoy his new book, "Your divine fingerprint"  Elevate you thinking, Elevate your life!

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